Why O’Reilly?

Because Edward B. O’Reilly Delivers Results For YOU!

Edward B. O’Reilly & Associates is the Delaware Valley’s Commercial Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning Climate Control experts. Added together, our employees have accumulated 350 years of hands on experience. So we deliver results like nobody else can.

MSCA STAR Qualified: Edward B. O’Reilly was the FIRST contractor in the entire Delaware & Lehigh Valleys (and among the first 100 in the country!) to receive the MSCA Star Qualification. This honor demonstrates that E.B. O’Reilly has met the industry’s highest standards in quality, stability, knowledge, safety and service as verified by the leading national trade association.

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MSCA GreenStar Qualified: Edward B. O’Reilly is now the FIRST contractor in the entire tri-state area (and among the top 6 in the country) to receive the MSCA GreenStar Qualification. This honor recognizes Edward B. O’Reilly‘s exceptional commitment to the environment and leadership in sustainable mechanical service.

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For more information about the outstanding service you’ll receive from E.B. O’Reilly, contact us today!

Edward B. O’Reilly & Associates, Inc.
Family owned and Operated Since 1954

30 West Highland Ave Philadelphia PA. 19118
(Phone) 215-242-8100 (Fax) 215-242-8423 info@eboreilly.com

Serving the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware Tri-State Area

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